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Failure, First Step Towards Success

Failure, First Step Towards Success and How You Can Overcome Failure

The word ‘success’ is very easy to say, but equally difficult to achieve. If you want to succeed as much as you desire, you must have the mentality to give the same amount of labour and time. You must have the confidence to go ahead by winning all your failures and barriers. By avoiding all the criticisms, you have to be positive on your own goals.

Some of those of you who have begun to do something good and after trying for a few days have found yourself frustrated then here is your first mistake. Actually, you failed when you stopped working and started thinking that this job is not for you. Yes, the job is not really for you because you did not obey the first formula to succeed in that work. The first formula is, ” in compliance with failure and move forward by conquering frustration.”

Failure, First Step Towards Success And How You Can Overcome Failure


If you differentiate between a successful and a failed person you will see those successful people have failed more times than a failed person but never get frustrated and don’t go away from their goals. Rather, they have run away to their own goals by learning from the new zeal of failure at their own pace. Failure to success is never a failure, but failure is the most important step towards success.

It doesn’t matter where you work online or offline. Your success depends on how much you want to sacrifice yourself in achieving your goal and how much persecution you feel from the heart for the goal. You will have to go ahead to achieve the goal like crazy and by learning from failure, you will have to run to the successful ranks.

Let’s see, what type of steps were followed by the famous people of the world to achieve their goals:


The journey of success starts from your willpower. You couldn’t think to do something little. You must have too strong desire to do something great.

Failure, First Step Towards Success And How You Can Overcome Failure


You have to turn your wish into a force in power. Your positive decision will take you at the successful ranks by following the next steps.

Specific goals

You have to turn your decision into a specific goal. If you decide to ‘earn a lot of money’ then you will never be able to reach this goal because how much money do you really want to earn? You do not know yourself, but if you can decide, “Yes, I will earn ‘********’ in the next ‘*’ year then running behind that goal will make it easier for you.

Now think, you want to increase your technical skills or raise knowledge about a specific topic. So here you have the desire to increase your technical skills or increase knowledge about that topic. Now you have to choose one or some specific goal and accordingly, you have to move on.

In this case, you must be careful that you set a realistic goal. Before deciding your goal, you will have to see what is your present situation and how much time do you have to reach the goal?

Organized plan

Without an organized plan, it is not possible to reach in specific goals. The goal is to make a good plan. Which will include the following:

  • How will you get the necessary tools to reach the goal?
  • How much time will you spend daily, weekly and monthly, to reach the goal?
  • On the way to achieving your goals, who will need and how you will organize them?
  • To be positive how to stay away from temporary failure and frustration?
  • How to manage the obstacles in the way of the goal?
  • How to keep yourself away from negative things or people?

It also needs to include everything that is needed to strengthen the plan.

Failure, First Step Towards Success And How You Can Overcome FailureMindset Development
To be successful, you must be work to develop your mindset. You have to build a positive mentality. You must think about your goal in the maximum time of the day. To achieve your goal, your mind should be kept in vogue all the time about implementing your plan.

Negative things should be removed from the mind and it is only possible if you keep your mind busy in positive thinking.

  • Before going to sleep,  every day you need to think about your goals.
  • Wake up and think about your own goal.
  • All day, you have to keep busy in positive activities.
  • Have to follow the successful people.
  • Negative things should be kept away from you.
  • Keep body and mind healthy.

Implementation of the plan
Creating organized plans does not mean achievable, you have to work on implementing the plan. In most cases, the “elf” of our plan goes away and “imagination” remains in our midst. It can never be allowed to be.

You have to work according to your plan. If your plan is over, you will finish 10% of a work in seven days. Then you must work accordingly and implement the plan properly.

Laziness can never be prevented from obstructing the goal, and today’s work cannot be left for tomorrow or for the future.

Continuity and hard work
A desire + a positive decision + appropriate plan + hard work + continuity = success

Everything starts with your wish or you can say it from your dream. You can reach a positive decision, take proper planning, and through continuous hard work, your goal and success will be on the line.

Failure will come on your way, frustration will come, but you will not stop. You have to go through lessons from failure, take inspiration from small successes. You have to learn the proper use of time.

Successful people did not succeed in one day or suddenly, they had to face failure, faced with disappointment, but none of them stopped because they know that the principle to move forward with learning from the principle of success, failure, and frustration.

When you start believing “yes you can” and confidently pursue learning from the failure to the goal then you will be successful in your hand.

Look at the famous Thomas Alva Edison, his failure of ten thousand times did not stop him from his dream to achieve his goals. Every time his failure has taken him a little bit towards success, towards the dream of his electric lamp. Failures were the biggest helpers in his way to success.

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