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Most Importantly, I help businesses to utilize the power of Paid Traffic and Digital Marketing to accelerate Business Growth.


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On the other hand, My three years experience of working on different digital marketing projects and another seven years experience of working as an online professional could be a great help for startups, small or medium business owners to turn their ROI to next level. I have been helping my clients on the different marketplaces very successfully and now looking for the bigger opportunities to execute my result driven marketing skills and experience.

Data Driven Marketing

Paid Traffic Management

Facebook Ads Consultant

Conversion and Sales Funnel

My Experience

Nerds Do It Better

2015 - 2017

Freelance Facebook Ads Consultant

I have taken care of Multiple paid social media campaigns including strategy development and implementation for Nerds Do It Better.

Online Marketers Paradise

2015 - 2016

Freelance Facebook Ads Specialist

It was a challenging position for me as I had to bring results from all the campaigns which are mostly from the high competitive niches like Finance, Real Estate....

The Courage to Win

2015 -

Freelance Facebook Ads Consultant

My Core Responsibilities are to take care of their Leads and Sales through Facebook ads. I mostly do the Strategy planning, sales funnel designing, Campaign Creation, Analytics & Automation integration, Management and Reporting parts.


2010 -

Independent Paid Traffic and Conversion Specialist

I have been providing Digital Marketing services in Upwork as an Independent contractor, formerly oDesk since 2010.


2016 -

Freelance Digital Marketing Manager

I am in charge of overall Digital Marketing operations including their paid traffic campaign strategies and implementations.

NextOn Digital

2014 -

Digital Marketing Strategist

NextOn Digital is one of my initiative to help Local clients to get optimum results using data driven campaigns.

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My Services


Are You Struggling With Your Paid Traffic Campaigns and Conversions? I would be happy to Help You Get Them Working and Boost the Performance by Implementing my Years of experience and Expertise.

Facebook Ads

Running Facebook Ads that are cost effective and designed correctly isn't easy for the inexperienced. But Someone like me with a Ph.D. in Facebook ads and experience of Spending over $1 Million Can Get You Results You Expect.


It's all about Conversion and ROI. If your Traffic is not Converting or getting a Lower Conversion rate, possibilities are You Have a Bad UX/UI or Your Message on the landing page is not right. My expertise and Suggestions can Boost Your Conversion rate Real Time.


If you are Failing to Plan means You are Planning to Fail. You can Not Expect for Everything to Just Fall into Places on its Own. You Have to Strategies and Execute. I am here to Help You Plan Your Digital Marketing Success with my Expertise and Years of Experience.


Adam Lundquist

Adam Lundquist

CEO - Nerds Do It Better

Kowshik is reliable, smart and he stays on top of any client needs with excellent communication.

Luis Rivera

Luis Rivera

CEO, Online Marketers Paradise

Kowshik worked really hard at any task that was given to him, however, the company has chosen to go in a different direction. We wish him well in his future post.

Jean-Benoit Lesage

Jean-Benoit Lesage

Rooney Shop

Kowshik was excellent to work with. Patient and insightful, he was able to clearly communicate and understand the requirements necessary for this job. The work he produced was outstanding, exactly what we were hoping for. I would gladly recommend and work with Kowshik again in the future.

Jacqueline Lewis

Jacqueline Lewis

Creative Director,

Kowshik is a great freelancer, he is flexible and knowledgeable. I would hire again

Lee Malcher

Lee Malcher

Founder at Vizified

Kowshik was very helpful and a breath of fresh air to work with.

Michael Wetmore

Michael Wetmore

President at Sobe Media, LLC

Kowshik was great to work with and a good communicator. Very responsive.

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